We create product demonstrations, visual technical manuals, and learning systems that teach, track, test, and certify technical knowledge.

Self-paced simulations allow people to virtually experience the operation of a product. When the operation is explained as it occurs, people rapidly learn the performance characteristics.

In this demo, technicians explore the array of indicator lights and sounds that signal the various operational conditions of an oxygen concentrator. In actuality, many of these conditions are momentary; others seldom occur. However, the simulation allows the user to duplicate and control the pace of all operational conditions.

In this demo, potential customers experience the features and benefits of a new ventilator at their own pace. These low-pressure, high-touch interactions get people comfortable with the product, allow them to actually experience the ease of operation, and can lead to quick buying decisions. It also gives sales people a way to show the product to a large group of people.

Where could product demos benefit your customers, employees, and sales people?


Technical documentation is rapidly migrating from paper-based text pages to web-based visualizations with supporting text. The advantages are overwhelming:

Photos, videos, animations and audio replace paragraphs
The learner sees how to do a task
Versions can be tailored for groups
The web provides 24/7 access to the latest version with no distribution costs.

This web-based visual training replaces on-site technician training. It has already become a product benefit for purchasers in remote locations.

What technical skills do you need to document and teach?


Typically, Web-based and intranet-based learning systems present training material to individual users, track the time users spend on the material, administer tests, and record the results. These systems are called Learning Management Systems (LMS).

Technical Learning Consultants does not endorse nor market any particular LMS. Many companies are developing excellent, robust Web tools. IBM's Lotus Learning Management System competes with Microsoft's .NET applications. SAP has an LMS application. Many companies have already chosen an LMS, most of which are SCORM-compliant.

We will create technical learning material on any LMS or authoring platform that accepts common Web formats such as Flash and Flash Video (FLV), Windows Media, HTML, JPEG, GIF and others.

When we choose an LMS to host for our clients, we use Moodle ( From the Moodle web site, "Moodle is a course management system (CMS) - a free, Open Source software package designed using sound pedagogical principles, to help educators create effective online learning communities."

If you would like to see an eample of a Moodle site, Contact Us, and we will set up a demo site for you.

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