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Companies introduce a new product to the market, teach customers to operate it, and technicians to calibrate, troubleshoot, and maintain it. These activities can add value to the product itself, and distinguish it from competing products.

This web-based training for people at hospitals and medical supply companies who maintain Oxygen Concentrators replaces occasional site-based training. It's available 24/7 to any new technician, and, unlike a service manual, explains the theory and shows the actual operation of the machine. The training is now a product benefit.

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  This virtual simulation gives a customer an overview of how to operate a ventilator. Sales people project the CD-ROM so everyone in the audience can see the logic of the screen displays and follow the simple operating procedures.
The features and benefits of a revolutionary new sensor shield are not easy to describe in the brief text space of a web-based controls catalogue. By providing a product demo on their web site, the distribution company expects to generate interest and dramatically increase sales of the shield.
Conceptual Learning
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