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By process, we mean the combination of people, machines, materials, methods, and environments that produce a product or service. Our client's goals for process improvement are to reduce cycle time, variation, scrap, and cost. To reach these goals, we train workers to observe, measure, control, and standardize.


Before beginning any training, the learner needs to understand the "big picture." Here, a short animation gives new or cross-trained workers a quick overview of process steps when using dies to cut leather pieces for automotive interiors. The work station is called an Incremental Press.

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  It's not unusual for workers to know how to do a task, and do it for years, without fully understanding why they do it. When you explain the "why," suddenly the "how" makes sense. Here's the "why" of using shims when grinding both sides of a component part.
  For measurements to produce meaningful results, the measuring process must be standardized and instruments calibrated. This video of measuring the viscosity of a paint mixture established a standard operating procedure. It is used as a quick reference by new workers.
Conceptual Learning
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