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Scott has over ten years of engineering experience in various industrial, manufacturing, and engineering operations. Job assignments included:

Supervising an assembly and testing facility, providing primary engineering contact for hydraulics and controls, designing electrical systems, and supervising contract piping, electrical, and millwright personnel for a new hydroforming press
Supervising mill maintenance teams
Designing, commissioning, installing, starting-up, and maintaining control systems, and training operators on continuous processing lines
Programming and installing PLCs and Human/Machine Interfaces
Designing and maintaining steel industry “Level 2” networking and database systems

Scott has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from Pennsylvania State University.

At Technical Learning Consultants (TLC), Scott’s responsibilities include ensuring the accuracy of technical knowledge, and the design and performance of computing applications.Scott is now president of Technical Learning Consultants, and manages the company.

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Jim has over thirty years experience as a teacher, video producer, writer, communications and workforce performance consultant, and start-up manager. Job assignments included:

Starting-up, managing, consulting, and getting funding for workforce development initiatives focused on performance improvement, training, education, recruiting, and infrastructure design at the Pittsburgh Technology Council and Catalyst Connection over a ten-year period
Writing Alcoa texts on problem solving, benchmarking, process control, and decision-making
Providing problem-solving and team training for a process control workshop for Alcoa engineers in Australia, Jamaica, Suriname, and U.S
Writing for and coaching executives at Fisher Scientific, PPG Industries, and Westinghouse
Selling, producing, and managing production for a television production group and Warner Cable
Designing curriculum, developing courses, and teaching at a new four-year Maryland state college

Jim has a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and a Master’s Degree in English from Kent State University.

At Technical Learning Consultants (TLC), Jim’s responsibilities included administration and sales. Jim is now the Director of Workforce & Economic Development at Westmoreland County Community College.

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