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Effective machine training typically has these phases: familiarize, instruct, coach, test, and certify. For companies with high turnover, companies who cross-train, or companies who insist that training be formal and complete, computer-based training is effective and efficient.
Spray Line

This paint line for cow hides takes a supervisor about an hour to walk and explain to visitors and new employees. This animation frees a supervisor from that walk. Click on any labeled part to see a photo.

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Sometimes a narrated video is worth a thousand photos. After viewing this 26 second video, almost any technician could correctly replace the flapper valves on a compressor. Turn your speakers on.
This company uses computer-based training to cross-train 80 operators on crane safety. Before workers go into the cab and actually run the crane, they are familiarized with the controls on each type of overhead crane.
Conceptual Learning
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