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  Technical Learning Consultants creates computer-based learning so customers, sales people, operators, and technicians can:

Understand technology
Use technical products
Develop technical skills
Improve technical performance

We work with our clients to produce:

Product demos
Visual documentation
Learning systems that teach, track, test, and certify technical knowledge

Our clients work with us to:

Communicate the benefits of a new technology
Increase technical performance and decrease cost
Standardize technical processes and skills
Provide quick access to technical knowledge
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Elegant solutions do more than solve a problem. They:
Restructure the process
Capitalize on new opportunities
Improve the rate of improvement
Establish a goal that was previously unreachable
Sample our solutions to technical learning problems.
  Product Support  

Process Improvement


Machine Training


Conceptual Learning

Objectives: Introduce, Calibrate, Operate, Troubleshoot, Maintain Objectives: Reduce cycle time, scrap, variation, cost; Measure; Control; Train Objectives: Familiarize, Instruct, Coach, Test, Certify Objectives: Structure, Visualize, Animate, Explain
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Conceptual Learning
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