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Often, the best way to help someone learn technical knowledge is to structure the knowledge in a logical sequence and then visualize each sequence. Simple animation can explain concepts that are difficult to grasp by just reading about them.

A ventilator helps people breathe. It operates in two modes: pressure control ventilation, and volume control ventilation. The distinction is basic to understanding machine operation. This animation is one of many that explains the theory of ventilator operation.

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If technicians understand how the molecular sieve in an oxygen concentrator works, they will understand the subsystems that support oxygen concentration. Specifically, he or she will grasp the importance of the various pressure and flow maintenance tasks and tests they conduct.
G-Codes provide function to Computer Numerical Control (CNC) values. People who teach CNC programming in Community Colleges and industrial training programs said this graphic was the clearest explanation of the function of G-codes they had seen.
Conceptual Learning
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